Experiences on the Upper Trask 

Experiences of hunting in the Upper Trask Mountain Range with professional guide, Donald Ward.

Upper Trask Mountain Range Oregon
Trask Mountain Range Oregon

The experience that we had with the Upper Trask Outfitters was amazing.  Don knows the animals and the area.  My wife and I spent four days in the Trask with Don and we would recommend the experience to any avid hunter.  We saw and were in Elk everyday. We look forward to hunting with Don again in the years to come.                                                    -Jon Armstrong





I have hunted in many different states with many different people.  I have yet to hunt with anybody that has the passion that Donald has.  With the one one hunt, Donald was 100% committed to making sure the hunting experience was what I wanted.  For him to put me on elk in tough conditions is a credit to his knowledge of the area.  He was determined to make sure I had a successful hunt.  From the time I hit camp until the day I left, the hospitality was more than I had ever expected.                           -Nick Caldwell





Donald Ward and Upper Trask Outfitters know their busines and plan for success.  In 2010 I took my record book bull after a rigorous hunt and made the shot at 10 yards.  If you want close encounters, these are the folks to get you into one, and on public lands.                                                 -Scott Westlund

Bow hunting elk with Donald Ward in the Trask wilderness was a fantastic experience that I will treasure forever.  It is almost surreal hunting in the Coastal Range with the giant ferns and mammoth Douglas fir knowing that giant Roosevelt elk are all about.  I particularly enjoyed hearing the big bulls bugling in response to Donald's call and the anticipation of having one come in.  Hiking out before daylight and hunting most of the day in a wilderness that seemed almost limitless, made the experience special as well.  I was impressed with the quantity of animals and the number of times we had action.  I must also comment on the wonderful food and accommodatins.  Being a Louisiana boy and accustomed to really good food, I thoroughly enjoyed every  meal we had.  Donald is a superb cook!  Staying out in the  mountains close to the hunt added just the right element of camping but with the comforts of home. Many thanks for a great hunt but more important a wonderful memory.                                                          - Henry Clay


I had a great time hunting with Donald!  He's an expert hunter and he works hard to make sure that folks have a good time and a successful hunt.  Two of us hunted with Donald last year - I've taken 10 elk before and this was my friend's first.  We both learned a lot and had a successful and fun hunt.  Hunting in the Oregon Coast range can be challenging  but in two days we downed 2 bulls.                                                                                   - Randy Bailey